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Source: Penicillium paxilli

*** Disambiguation: ***
Paxilline, a mycotoxin of penicillium origin, should not be confused with
Paxillin, a signal transducing adaptor protein involved in cell migration (MESH).

Description: paxilline: a selective blocker of high-conductance Ca2+-activated (Maxi-K) potassium channels
CAS number: 57186-25-1
Merck index:  
Molecular weight: 435.6

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Molecular Formula: C27H33NO4
Canonical SMILES: CC12CCC3C(=CC(=O)C(O3)C(C)(C)O)C1(CCC4C2(C5=C(C4)C6=CC=CC=C6N5)C)O
Acetone, Methanol, and DMSO.
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Purity: At least 97% by TLC, HPLC
comment: crystals contain one mole acetone of crystallization per mole of paxilline
Melting point252°C-269°C
SolubilityClear colorless solution at 5mg/ml Acetone
Storage-20°C. Protect from light.
WarningsHighly toxic if swallowed, inhaled or adsorbed through skin. Can damage eyes. Potent neurotoxin.
Classificationtremorgen mycotoxin
Potassium chanells blocker
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 For Research use only. Not for Human or Drug use
GMP/API grade available on request
paxilline by Fermentek is not produced from or contains any ingredients from animal origin.
No genetically modified organisms are used.
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Neuropharmacology. 1996;35(7):903-14.


Penicillium paxilli produces paxilline

Penicillium paxilli




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