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Source: Nigrospora oryzae
Description: A tetracyclic diterpene antibiotic with antiviral and antimithotical properties. Aphidicolin blocks the cell cycle at early S-phase. Specific inhibitor of DNA polymerase A, in eukaryotic cells and in some viruses. Apoptose inducer in HeLa cells
CAS number: 38966-21-1
Merck index: 12, 769
Molecular weight: 338.5 

aphidicolin molecular structure

Molecular Formula: C20H34O4
Canonical SMILES: CC12CCC(C(C1CCC3C24CCC(C(C3)C4)(CO)O)(C)CO)O
Methanol, DMSO
Appearance: White to off-white powder
Purity: At least 97% by TLC
Melting point225°C-233°C
SolubilityClear colorless solution at 50mg/ml of DMSO, 10mg/ml of Methanol
Storage+4°C. Protect from light.
ApplicationsAphidicolin inhibits the growth of eukaryotic cells and certain animal viruses by selectively inhibiting the cellular replication of DNA polymerase II or the viral-induced DNA polymerases. The drug may be useful for controlling excessive cell proliferation in patients with cancer, psoriasis or other dermatitis with little or no adverse effect upon non-multiplying cells.
Aphidicolin is a tool in cell proliferation and differentiation research. Aphidicolin may possibly be used for controlling excessive cell proliferation in cancer, psoriasis or other dermatitis with little or no adverse effect upon non-multiplying cells.
Classificationtetracyclic mycotoxin
DNA polymerase A inhibitor
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 For Research use only. Not for Human or Drug use
GMP/API grade available on request

No genetically modified organisms are used.
 Samake S, Smith LC.
Synchronization of cell division in eight-cell bovine embryos produced in vitro: Effects of aphidicolin.
Theriogenology. 1997 Oct 15;48(6):969-76.
 Kurose A, Tanaka T, Huang X, Traganos F, Dai W, Darzynkiewicz Z.
Effects of hydroxyurea and aphidicolin on phosphorylation of ataxia telangiectasia mutated on Ser 1981 and histone H2AX on Ser 139 in relation to cell cycle phase and induction of apoptosis.
Cytometry A. 2006 Apr;69(4):212-21.

Aphidicolin on Wikipedia

Nigrospora oryzae, the producer mold of Aphidicolin

Nigrospora sp

Clinical perspectives for Aphidicolin

J Natl Cancer Inst. 1991 Aug 21;83(16):1160-4.

Phase I and clinical pharmacological evaluation of aphidicolin glycinate.

Sessa C, Zucchetti M, Davoli E, Califano R, Cavalli F, Frustaci S, Gumbrell L, Sulkes A, Winograd B, D'Incalci M.

Servizio Oncologico, Ospedale San Giovanni, Bellinzona, Switzerland.

Treatment of tumor cells in vitro with neurotrophic factors and cell proliferation inhibitors United States Patent 5387520  

...A method for treating a cultured neuroblastoma cell: ... contacting the neuroblastoma cell with a neurotrophic factor and a sublethal dose of an inhibitor of cell proliferation selected from the group consisting of aphidicolin, hydroxyurea, and thymidine for about 1 to 15 days...




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