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MSDSSample CoA
Source: Streptomyces griseolus
Synonyms Flagecidin
IUPAC Name: [(2R,3S,4S)-4-hydroxy-2-[(4-methoxyphenyl)methyl]pyrrolidin-3-yl]
Description: Anisomycin is a protein synthesis inhibitor. It binds to the 60S ribosomal subunits and prevents the formation of peptide bond, and consequently, the chain elongation.
CAS number: 22862-76-6
Merck index: 13, 673
Molecular weight: 265.3

molecular structure of Anisomycin.

Molecular Formula: C14H19NO4
Anisomycin is also soluble in DMSO, Ethyl-Acetate, Dichloromethane. Slightly soluble in water
Appearance: White powder
Purity: At least 98% by TLC
Melting point 139C-143C
Solubility Clear colorless solution at 10 mg of Anisomycin in 1 ml of Ethyl Acetate
Storage +4C. Protect from light.

Originally discovered by Sobin and Tanner in 1954, Anisomycin was identified as an antibiotic active against protozoa such as Trichomonas and fungi and yeasts, and was considered as a potential human anti-candidal and anti-amoebic drug.

Sobin, B. A., and F. W. Tanner, Jr. 1954. Anisomycin, a new antiprotozoa antibiotic. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 76:4053.

As such, Anisomycin was put by GONZALEZ CONSTANDSE to clinical trials in 1955:

Anisomycin in intestinal amebiasis; study of 30 clinical cases
Prensa Med Mex. 1956 Sep-Dec;21(7-10):114-5

Anisomycin is also proposed as a potential psychiatric drug, as it is shown to affect protein synthesis an Amygdala, a brain part involved in memory(1). The earliest usage of Anisomycin in research on memory biochemistry was made by  Jonec and Walsterlain in 1979 . Again, this property of Anisomycin is ascribed to its ability to inhibit protein synthesis.

Effect of inhibitors of protein synthesis on the development of kindled seizures in rats.
Jonec V, Walsterlain CG.
Exp Neurol. 1979 Dec;66(3):524-32

Recently, publications appear showing the immunomodulating properties on Anisomycin.  This discovery leads to researches on the potential use of Anisomycin in transplantation:

Anisomycin inhibits the behaviors of T cells and the allogeneic skin transplantation in mice.
Xing F et al,
J Immunother. 2008 Nov-Dec;31(9):858-70
In the field of cell-signaling research, Anisomycin is used as an activator of kinase cascades in mammalian cells, especially the stress-activated Protein Kinase (SAPK2/p38MAPK)  and p46/54JNK

Anisomycin is a selective ingredientof Martin Lewis Agar, a bacteriological solid medium used for isolation of pathogenic Neisseria species.

Martin, J. E., Jr., and J. S. Lewis. 1977. Anisomycin: improved antimycotic activity in modified Thayer-Martin medium. Public Health Lab. 35:53-62

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 For Research use only. Not for Human or Drug use
GMP/API grade available on request
Anisomycin by Fermentek is not produced from or contains any ingredients from animal origin.
No genetically modified organisms are used.
  (1) Barrientos RM, O'Reilly RC, Rudy JW.
Anisomycin injection impaired context memory ....
Behav Brain Res. 2002 Aug 21;134(1-2):299-306.
  Freeman FM, Rose SP, Scholey AB.
Two time windows of anisomycin-induced amnesia for passive avoidance training in the day-old chick.
Neurobiol Learn Mem. 1995 May;63(3):291-5. 
  Butera PC, Campbell RB, Bradway DM.
Antagonism of estrogenic effects on feeding behavior by central implants of anisomycin.
Brain Res. 1993 Oct 8;624(1-2):354-6.
  Staubli U, Faraday R, Lynch G.
Pharmacological dissociation of memory: anisomycin, a protein synthesis inhibitor, and leupeptin, a protease inhibitor, block different learning tasks.
Behav Neural Biol. 1985 May;43(3):287-97.

Anisomycin on Wikipedia

The biology of induced memory


Amygdala location in human brain



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