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Fermentek manufactures bioactive compounds by the means of Fermentation technology. Our products are directed for the biological research, in the areas of molecular biology, applied medical research, and, in bulk amounts, for preclinical trials and for drug discovery.

Fermentek's aim is to make already known compounds, affordable to the scientific community.

The products intended for drug discovery are produced under GMP/API regime.

To make our products, we use Streptomycetes and some other bacteria from soil, Molds (fungi) such as Aspergillus, Penicillium, Fusarium. Several products are derived from plants.

We are committed to supply a complete range of mycotoxins that are regulated by health authorities worldwide.

We are a manufacturer, not a reseller or a distributor. With few exceptions, all our products are made in house. The majority of our products is sold to major chemicals trading companies who resell it under their own trade names. The lesser part is sold directly to the end-users who apply to us via the Internet. Among these are university research and government research bodies, drug discovery companies, and major pharmaceutical manufacturers. All are equally welcome!


Fermentek announced a line of calibrated standard solutions of mycotoxins. These are marketed under the brand-name "FermaSol"


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  • Quality upgrade in Aflatoxin products





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7AAD17AAG17DMAGA23187 ActinomycinAflatoxin B1Aflatoxin B2Aflatoxin M1AlamethicinAnisomycinApicidinAphidicolinAscomycin
Bafilomycin Brefeldin CastanospermineCeruleninChelerythrineChromomycin A3CitreoviridinCitrininCyclopamineCytochalasin ACytochalasin B
Cytochalasin CCytochalasin DCytochalasin EDihidrocytochalasinDeoxynivalenolDiacetoxyscirpenolFK506ForskolinFumagillinFumonisinGeldanamycin
GliotoxinHypericinHT2 toxinIonomycinK252AK252CKT5720KT5823Leptomycin BMithramycin AMoniliforminMycophenolicMyriocinNigericin
NonactinOchratoxin AOligomycinParthenolidePatulinPaxillinePenicillic acidPenitremPKC412PuromycinPuromycin ANRadicicolStaurosporine
SterigmatocystinT2 toxinTentnoxinThapsigarginThiolutinThiostreptonTriacsinTrichostatinTunicamycinValinomycinVerruculogenVomitoxin
Withaferin WortmanninZearalenone


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